Twinn Peaks – Private Ski Lessons in Sainte Foy

Private Ski Lessons & Off Piste Guiding in Sainte Foy

If you have found this page the likelihood is that you know from personal experience, or you have been told how good Sainte Foy Resort is. Private ski lessons and guiding with Twinn Peaks will prove it! Take your ski holiday to the next level with 2 local guides who have spent the last 15 winters exploring the resort and surrounding areas.

Twinn Peaks are renowned for their ski guiding, however, their expertise goes much further than this and allows them to give top class lessons to skiers of all abilities.

Chanse and Sonnie grew up in Sainte Foy and know the resort and surrounding back country better than anyone in the valley. Partner this with their enthusiasm and love for skiing, and you have the perfect week of guiding lined up.

Both Chanse and Sonnie are truly bilingual in French and English, there will be no translation errors or confusion. When they are guiding you through the backcountry this truly helps to ensure you know exactly what you’re doing. 

As well as this, both the twins have completed the French system of ski instructing which is widely renowned as the hardest instructor course and required the pair to be competent across the board including free riding and racing at a competitive level.

“Robs Testimonial”

The first winter I spent in Sainte Foy I had the pleasure of meeting both Sonnie and Chanse and getting to ski regularly with them. Skiing has aways been a passion for them and it becomes infectious to those around them. 

Personally I can’t ski, I’m a snowboarder through and through. I got into snow sports quite late in comparison to most, my first turns were at 19. However, I still get excited when I get to play on the mountain with these 2, their skills are second to none. Watching Sonnie Carve through the piste or Chanse throw a lazy backflip gives me the confidence to send myself down anything.

However, it’s not just about big lines and stylish jumps. I’ve seen them take care of 3 year olds who have been left alone for the first time, who at first didn’t want to leave their parents and yet within minutes they are hanging on every word they spoke, all the way through to 65 year olds who would like a to tweak their casual piste skiing while enjoying good conversation on the lifts and learning more about the environment around.

Sainte Foy Uncovered are delighted to be offering off-piste workshops with Twinn Peaks for the coming winter 2020/2021 season. Click here for more information on these exciting workshops.