Ski Holidays in Sainte Foy

Make the most of your ski holidays in Sainte Foy

The Sainte Foy Uncovered team have an abundance of experience within the tourism industry, especially with regards to the rental of ski chalets, apartments, customer care and hospitality.  We are committed to making your ski holidays in Sainte Foy the best it can be. To do this we bring all our expertise together to provide you with a service which we believe the customer wants and needs in order to get the most out of their holiday.

A skiing and snowboarding holiday is much, much more than just that. We understand that for some it is a moment to spend quality time with each other, whether that be family or friends. For others it is an escape from the hustle and bustle of real life. What ever your reason for visiting us in the mountains, here at Sainte Foy we will do everything we can to make it what you want.

And remember, this industry does have a lot more to offer people of all ages in order to make a mountain holiday a wider and fuller experience.  Whether it is having a hot chocolate on the slopes, dog sledding or ice diving; we have supplied some information so you can plan and/or book any other activities, in order to tailor your holiday for you.

For more information on the different activities available, please go to Other Activities to see more options for your holiday in Sainte Foy